Possible benefits if Taiwan and mainland China merge


Many people argue that a merge between mainland China and Taiwan is likely to benefit people from Taiwan and not vice versa. The truth is, a merge is equally beneficial to mainland China. The main reason why a merge is necessary is for the sake of promoting economy and easy flow of people from both countries. The announcements provided from embassies in China have not yet given details on the merge issue. However, we can only speculate on the benefits that the two countries are likely to get after a long time of division.

Taiwan and China mainland merge

Trade between the countries

The trade between the two countrieshas always been restricted by the regulations in the countries. It becomes so ewrwerewrwdifficult to do business, and the came has become evident in the recent times. Trade between China and Taiwan dropped by 9.8pc in the year 2016. Taiwan Island tourism has also been dropping even after the ban on China visitors was lifted in 2008. Visitors are still reluctant to visit the island. A possible merge is likely to change these aspects and improve trade between the countries.

Easy movement

The need for an entry permit makes movement between Taiwan and China stressful. Taiwan residents still have to go through all the requirements before they can get access to China. All these requirements bring a big challenge to the movement of people between the two countries. The best way to ease movement will be a merge between the countries. A merge is likely to remove all the barriers and the restrictions that are still in place.

Education opportunities

Education opportunities are likely to be on the side of Taiwan residents. The students in Taiwan will have more opportunities to study in China. With the two countries merging, they will not worry about being treated like foreigners; they will get more opportunities to study in the Chinese universities without any restrictions coming on the way.


Promote peace

There has always been a tension between China, and the resolution to this problem might be merging the two. The tension has been shown in instances where China send missiles to Taiwan. The effect of this pressure slows down the development of China and Taiwan. By merging the two countries and promoting peace, the county can now concentrate on more important issues apart.